Danny Seo

Objective: Our client is one of the first eco-lifestyle experts in the country. Mouth Public Relations’ job was to publicize his Simply Green series of books and his “Simple Steps to a Greener Home” DVD, as well as manage all the public relations’ requests in order to raise Danny Seo’s profile to a broader level.

Strategy and Tactics: Mouth Public Relations assisted the client in managing numerous publicity requests from major media. We also collaborated with the client to create new hooks focusing on the eco-lifestyle and the attitude and fantasy that surround it. When we were approached with a request for the client, we used our best endeavors to expand the interview into a bigger opportunity, i.e., morphing a feature interview into a cover story, expanding a blurb into a feature with photos.

Results: Mouth Public Relations was successful in negotiating and coordinating the client’s first magazine cover stories in Motto and Green (a new e-magazine from the publishers of Furniture Today). Mouth Public Relations successfully fielded requests, pitched, negotiated, and booked interviews for the client in Newsweek, New York Times, New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Time, Nick Jr. magazine, Philadelphia magazine, Elle, ABC “Live with Regis and Kelly,” CBS “Early Show,” Vogue, WINS-AM RADIO “Alice Stockton-Rossini,” Nashville City Paper, Yogi Times, and Harpers Bazaar, among numerous outlets. Mouth Public Relations also negotiated public relations exposure and positioning on the client’s behalf and/or represented the client to major media, such as his participation in Newsweek’s Global Environment and Leadership Advisory Committee (2007); Peninsula Home and Garden Shows; and booking interviews to promote the client’s first HGTV special. Mouth Public Relations also successfully pitched and negotiated with CBS News’ executive staff to commit to a yearlong contributorship for the client on the CBS “Early Show.”