Objective: To promote the pop music recording band Lemon and their original Christmas single, What I Want for Christmas.

Strategy and Tactics: According to the band, the group gained over 40,000 music-buying fans by using a user-friendly software program on their various websites. As a thank you to those consumers, Lemon wanted to give away a free download of their new Xmas song on their website. Mouth Public Relations tied this news, along with the lead singer’s story that he was part of a core team who created major music and entertainment websites, into real pitching and booking opportunities. Even though the music was available for free on the Internet, Mouth Public Relations believed that many in the media would rather have a promotional CD of the music; we orchestrated high profile promotional CD giveaways and banner ad placement with a major NYC radio station to help gain awareness of the group and their music. Mouth Public Relations also e-blasted various press releases through PR Newswire and Cision Media Directory.

Results: With only a three-week lead time commencing after Thanksgiving, Mouth Public Relations booked the band’s first interview on MTV radio; placed the promotional Christmas CD in goodie bags for the Ducati Motorcycle Xmas Party in Beverly Hills and the WKTU Radio NYC Annual Holiday “Build-A-Bear” charity event in Rockefeller Center. Mouth Public Relations also heavily e-blasted a press release about the music, which included a link to hear the music on the band’s website. Through the promotional giveaway, Mouth Public Relations also booked discounted banner ads on the KTU website and booked 10-second teaser promotional spots to be heard during the week before Xmas on the station’s morning show. Mouth Public Relations also booked airplay on WGN (Chicago) and WXPN (Philadelphia), as well as placed the Christmas song on rotation on the Holiday Seasons Music Channel on Time Warner Cable.