Renowned Author and Illustrator Alain Grée Teaches Children All About the Seasons In the Brand New Book From His Latest Children’s Series

March 11, 2016

Alain Grée’s beautiful illustrations from the 1960s and 70s are known throughout the world.  With their naivety of form and bold use of color, their charm is undeniable. In his brand new children’s book, Seasons (Button Books; Distributed by Publishers Group West; May 2016; Hardcover; $16.99 /ISBN: 9781908985460), Alain takes an exciting look at the world around us as it changes throughout the year.

Seasons covers everything from seedlings growing in Spring and showing how they are planted, to the flowers and insects you might find in the Summer months followed by harvesting, and the arrival of Fall and finally Winter and the fun to be had in the snow!

Alain Grée is a French author and illustrator of children’s books. He has had over 300 books published, which have been translated into 20 different languages. He has also worked as a children’s broadcaster on French national television, produced three detective novels, ten ship navigation books and been a journalist for 20 years for Voiles et Voiliers (sailing ships) magazine. He is currently a graphic designer and editor for various advertising publications.

Button Books is an exciting list of design-lead children's books which will appeal to adults as much as they do to children. The key values of Button Books are focused on impeccable design to compliment the content of each book as well as high-end print production techniques and finishes.

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