Ramy Cosmetics


Objective: To enhance the media platform of the Ramy Cosmetics beauty line and raise the profile of its founder, Ramy Gafni, as a go-to personality. We aim to showcase Ramy’s talent and skills to the world by increasing brand awareness through targeted media pitching, PR stunts and, ultimately, top-tier media placement that sells product in his category.


Strategy and Tactics: The initial efforts were concentrated on crafting and disseminating pitches to key media to promote Ramy Gafni, the celebrity makeup artist also known as the “eyebrow king,” and his complete cosmetics line. In addition to pitching, we designed PR stunts to display Ramy’s famous eyebrow-shaping technique, and other makeup gifts, in person. We work closely with Ramy on his new lines of product and think of out-of-the-box hooks to pitch him on an ongoing basis, as well as set up deskside meetings for him with major beauty editors. We are in the process of orchestrating a TV satellite tour (including finding co-sponsors to pay for the tour) and creating a media day, co-sponsored by a boutique hotel in NYC, to re-launch product for the fall. We also consulted on a cosmetic renovation of RamySpa in NYC.


Results: Mouth Public Relations successfully secured eighteen deskside appointments with major magazines, resulting in 26 national print placements, including New York Times, Cosmo, Allure, Life & Style, People Style Watch, Seventeen, Star and Essence, to name a few. With each magazine placement, Ramy’s sales undoubtedly increased—by as much as 75 percent. We also landed Ramy his first TV appearance in more than five years, on WPIX-TV “CW-11 Morning News,” and on radio with WEMP 101.1 FM NEWS. We also have pitched Ramy to ShopNBC, a major shopping channel in America; he is in the process of working out appearances on their network.