A Plant-Based Life

by Micaela Cook Karlsen

More people than ever are eating whole food, plant-based diet works to achieve weight loss, without counting calories, and gains in energy. Still, despite all the powerful reasons to switch to plant-based eating, eager converts often struggle with concerns about nutrition, preparation, and cost; lack of support from loved ones; and qualms about sacrificing the joy of eating for a  restricted diet.  


In A PLANT-BASED LIFE: Your Complete Guide to Great Food, Radiant Health, Boundless Energy, and a Better Body (AMACOM; July 12, 2016; $16.95 Paperback), author, Micaela Karlsen offers a compassionate how-to manual for anyone who wants to know more about what a whole food plant-based diet is, how to transition from unhealthy eating habits, break free of cravings, and how to ensure lasting success.


From initial enthusiasm to lasting change, A PLANT-BASED LIFE maps out a journey with many thrilling discoveries and frustrating roadblocks.

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