People of the Pride Parade

Gorgeous and Poignant Celebration of LGBTQ+

This gorgeous bright book honors the colorful celebrants of the New York City Pride March and Dyke March, capturing the faces that bring the rainbows and liveliness Pride shines with today. Through joyful portraits of more than two hundred LGBTQ+ community members and allies from New York City WorldPride, this is a resplendent one-of-a-kind volume, a portal to the spirit, sequins, and sexual liberty of the weekend, a keepsake tribute to the power of love over hate, and a meaningful touchstone, immortalizing the effervescence, excitement, and positive energy of those who attend.


To make this incredible volume, renowned Northeastern photographer Alyssa Blumstein, who was featured on Vice’s Motherboard, photographed Pride attendees of all ages, races, sexual orientations, and genders—native New Yorkers and those who’d come in from around the world to attend the parade. The result is an extraordinary keepsake package that channels the essence and person-on-the-street nature of Humans of New York to showcase poignant and joyful portraits of the LGTBQ+ community and its allies.