New Book Teaches Amateurs the Art of Black & White Photography Mastering Black & White Photography by John Walmsley

March 11, 2016

Master the art of black & white photography in the new book, Mastering Black & White Photography (Ammonite Press; Distributed by Trafalgar Square/Perseus Book Group; April 2016; $29.95; ISBN: 9781781450871) by acclaimed photographer, John Walmsley.

This book is the definitive work on how to shoot black & white images on today's sophisticated digital SLR and compact digital cameras and smart phones. Aimed at the enthusiastic amateur photographer, featuring jargon-busting text, and illustrated with the author's own stunning images, John Walmsley explains the theory behind digital photography, along with a guide to the equipment and software needed to take outstanding images.

The 176-page paperback features 200 photographs that will allow readers to immerse themselves in the art of black & white photography. Mastering Black & White Photography is packed with expert advice on creating stunning photos in black & white using your digital camera or smartphone. In this guide, acclaimed photographer, John Walmsley shares his knowledge on:

·         The theory behind digital photography;

·         The basics of exposure and good composition, and file types;

·         Applying special effects; and

·         Photographing people, landscape, architecture and animals

In collaboration with a number of prestigious photographic archives, including the Press Association and Mirrorpix, Ammonite Press brings important collections of pictures to life in an unprecedented way. Ammonite publishes stylish gift and coffee-table books that give a fascinating, nostalgic and sometimes humorous insight into social history, trends in fashion, music, sport and politics. Ammonite Press is also a publisher of authoritative books on practical photography, written by professional photographers, with a shared emphasis on both photographic technique and equipment.


About the Author:
John Walmsley is a freelance photographer based in Cornwall, England. He sells his work as limited edition fine art prints and shares his love of landscape photography as a workshop leader for his company Focus on Light. John’s photographs and writing have been published in numerous national magazines, and he writes a blog sharing his thoughts on landscape photography and his travels.


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