Marcella Rosen

Author of Tiny Dynamo: How One of the World's Smallest Countries is Producing Some of our Most Important Inventions

In the book Tiny Dynamo: How One of the World’s Smallest Countries Is Producing Some of Our Most Important Inventions (Untold News; August 2013; $14.95 Trade Paperback Original and e-book; ISBN: 978-0-9887973-0-7), Marcella Rosen introduces the reader to the other side of Israel – one of creation and advancement, rather than politics and religion. Marcella profiles twenty-one of the most incredible inventions the world has ever seen and speaks with those responsible for them. The book details advancements in the fields of science, technology, medicine and so many more.,Tiny Dynamo turns Israel’s image on its head and shows how incredible this tiny state really is.

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