Kendall Klym

Author of Step Lightly

“Dance is something we all do, whether we know it or not,” says Klym. “Climbers, when they rappel into
the Grand Canyon, use the same techniques dancers use to land gracefully from a jump. Lovers perform
a dance when their bodies merge. Words dance. Language is the choreography that joins reader to writer
in a dance that obscures the distinction between human and text, the dancer and the dance…You, the
reader, have your own life, your memories and imagination, which become intertwined with my life, my
memories and imagination, through the fiction I write.”

STEP LIGHTLY also offers a classic yet tragic tribute to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, a dance
narrative designed as a multiple-choice quiz, a multi-generational journey of discovery and understanding
through parallel diary entries, and more to enthrall. At turns graceful and jolting, humorous and
heartbreaking, Kendall Klym’s stories open up windows into different worlds—and sweep readers away in
the rhythm, wonder, and thrill of it all.