Just in Time for Fall Marathon Season This September, Lace Up with Adidas Brand Ambassador, Robin Arzon in her New Book, SHUT UP AND RUN How to Get Up, Lace Up, and Sweat with Swagger

August 05, 2016

With marathons and other running events coming up this fall around the country, including NYC and Chicago, the new book, SHUT UP AND RUN (Harper Design; Hardcover; June 2016; $24.99/$31.00 CAN; 192 pages; ISBN: 978-0-06-244568-1), written by corporate lawyer turned certified running coach and ultra-marathoner Robin Arzon, is here to help you prep for your dream race, however long it may be. Not only does Robin encourage the reader to get out and run but she walks her talk by doing several races herself this season, including the NYC Marathon this November. This is the first book to capture the energy and joy of running and put it onto the page. Part fitness collective, training platform, and inspirational advice book, this beautiful, four-color book is full of tips, tricks, and visual motivation on how to cultivate miles of sweat, laughter, and swagger.

Filled with anecdotes and stunning action imagery, and supported by graphic inspirational quotes, SHUT UP AND RUN includes essential training tips for everyone from novices to seasoned ultramarathon runners, including meditation and visualization techniques. Readers will discover everything from picking the best running shoes to how to get off the sofa when you really want to watch Netflix. Body and mind are integral to the conversation, but so is swagger, so the book also includes unique style tips and practical gear recommendations. Chapters cover everything including running music, training for your first half marathon, key strength moves, and post-race recovery tips. Fully designed with bright fonts, sidebars, color photographs of Robin as well as stock photographs, there are also journal pages scattered throughout for readers to make the book their own.


Robin has been featured in Women’s Health, Time Out New York, Refinery29, and New York magazine and more than 26K people follow her vibrant and inspirational Instagram feed. She is the Editor-In-Chief of Undo Magazine, the country’s premier high-fashion fitness magazine, which is distributed at boutique gyms and studios across the country, Urban Outfitters, and more. She is also a coach at Peloton, a high-energy indoor cycling studio.


Robin Arzon is a corporate lawyer turned certified running coach, cycling instructor, and ultra-marathoner. When she’s not training for ultramarathons, she is a head coach at Peloton Cycle and S10 Training, and is currently the brand ambassador for Adidas Women. She’s a co-founder of the fitness movement UNDO ORDINARY (http://www.undoordinary.com), and is the Editor-In-Chief of UNDO magazine—the country’s premier high-fashion fitness magazine. Prior to pursuing health and

wellness, she graduated magna cum laude from New York University and Villanova University School of Law.