John Spencer Ellis

Creator of The Compass

In May 2009, wellness and personal development expert, Dr. John Spencer Ellis, released a book and a feature-length documentary of the same name, The Compass. Says John Spencer Ellis, “The Compass is about discovering what moves you, what inspires you and what mark you will make on the world. The Compass gives you the guidance to go from where you are to where you want to be.” After 20 years of studying human achievement and helping people attain their ultimate goals, John Spencer Ellis thought about what he could do to make a greater difference in more people’s lives, not just physically and mentally—but from all perspectives. “After many contemplative hikes throughout the foothills of Orange County, California, it became clear to me that a feature-length documentary film and novel were the answer,” adds Ellis. “One of the big challenges I had to face was how to tell the story with a universal appeal—for all belief systems—and I also wanted to offer practical skills and action steps to guide people to live their dreams. That’s how The Compass documentary and novel were born.”