Gryphon Fabricators

Artist Marie-Hélène studied Mathematics, thus her precise compositions and fascination with systems. While the spirals are often measured out, there is an organic quality in the way Marie-Hélène creates her art. Different tinctures of patina are applied directly to the copper sheets, which then chemically react and change into earthy primary colors. On top of these, Marie-Hélène adds paint, pieces of metal, and finally a thick layer of glossy resin, sealing each piece and giving them the appearance of having been preserved for ages.

Since establishing Gryphon Fabricators in 2012, Marie-Hélène has been exhibiting worldwide at galleries and art fairs in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Her work has become known for its sense of composition and movement, as well as for its nuanced incorporation of mythological themes. The golden ratio itself figures into the overall story of Gryphon Fabricators, with gold being guarded, as it was 3000 years ago, by the Gryphon.

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