Expert Career Blogger & Founder of EngineeredTruth.Com, Matt Tran, Offers Realistic Career Advice For New College Grads, In Debut Book New Grad Job Hacks: The Complete Guide to Getting a Job After You Finish College

March 11, 2016

Expert career YouTube blogger and founder of, Matt Tran has helped thousands of new grads figure out their best paths to fulfilling careers. In his debut book, New Grad Job Hacks: The Complete Guide To Getting A Job After You Finish College (Mango Media; April 2016; $14.95; Paperback ISBN: 978-1633530935), Matt teaches the reader how to stand out in the competitive job market of the 21st century and takes them step-by-step through how to make the most of their degree.


In New Grad Job Hacks, Matt Tran guides the readers from job fairs and social media to internships and job shadowing, and teaches the reader how to research, interview, negotiate, and get that job offer from the companies they always dreamed of working for. The main eight topics covered in the book are as follows:

·         How to Turn Your Miscellaneous Degree into a Career;

·         Basics for Finding your Dream Job;

·         Preparing Materials;

·         Where to Look for Jobs;

·         Interviewing 101

·         How to Negotiate;

·         Job Seekers’ Checklist; and

·         A Notes Section for Assessing Yourself

The book is perfect for college students wrapping up their senior year and just about to enter the job market.

About the Author

Matt Tran currently works as a Social Media Manager for UPROXX, a media publisher that is ranked in the top 100 U.S. websites. He saw that career knowledge on the internet was inadequate and that most college career advisers are underwhelming. He created his YouTube channel Engineered Truth in 2011 with the goal of giving realistic career information. Engineered Truth is now the largest career channel on YouTube with 70,000 subscribers and growing


About Mango Media

Mango Media is headquartered in Coral Gables, FL and partners with top-rated YouTubers, Instagrammers and bloggers to publish book titles of different genres. The company’s innovative business model is seeking to transform publishing into more of a level creative playing field where dynamic and new authors emerge from social media.