Dr. Ronald L. Kotler

Dr. Ronald L. Kotler, author of 365 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Have you ever had trouble sleeping? If your head is nodding, join the crowd. We’ve all experienced insomnia, whether due to stress, anxiety, or excitement. Beyond occasional bouts of sleeplessness, millions of people suffer from chronic problems that routinely wreak havoc with restful sleep—acid reflux, sleep apnea, arthritis, and restless legs syndrome, among many culprits. At last, there’s a bedside book to help everyone who’s tired of feeling tired, as well as anyone who’s tormented by persistent and potentially serious slumber-related health issues. 365 WAYS TO GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP (Adams Media; January 2010; ISBN: 978-1-60550-01-7; $8.95; Paperback) by Ronald L. Kotler, MD, DABSM and Maryann Karinch, with a Foreword by Charles R. Cantor, MD, DABSM, is packed with at-a-glance information, expert advice, and proven remedies.

Backed by the latest medical research, 365 WAYS TO GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP gives the sleep-deprived and the sleep-distressed an edge on achieving successful slumber. As easy to digest as a light bedtime snack (crackers, toast, and cereal are fine, but skip the nightcap), this collection of tips, tactics, and tools explains why, when, and how to get a good night’s sleep.