Dr. Jeffrey Hull

Dr. Jeffrey Hull, author of Shift: Let Go of Fear and Get Your Life in Gear

“Shift happens,” says psychologist and executive coach Dr. Jeffrey Hull, author ofShift: Let Go of Fear and Get Your Life in Gear (GPP Life; April 20, 2010; ISBN: 978-0-7627-5662-9; $16.95; Paperback), “And we all need to get better at dealing with it. Life is not a straight line ramp up to nirvana, as some self-help books would have us believe.” After working with thousands of individuals and executives at companies such as Booz Allen Hamilton, AT&T, MasterCard, HSBC and TD Ameritrade over a twenty-year career, researching both Western science and Eastern philosophy, and dealing with life crises of his own, Dr. Hull reveals what is missing from the majority of self-help books: a roadmap for navigating change and its faithful life partner: fear.

Showing how to move through fear and accept change as something that happens forus and not to us, Shift is not another “quick fix, five steps to endless happiness” self-help book. With real-life case studies, useful diagnostics and down-to-earth practices,Dr. Jeffrey Hull offers a vital guide for everyone grappling with and reeling from our turbulent times.