Donna Flagg

Facing difficult workplace conversations head-long-but with grace-is the key theme in Donna Flagg's SURVIVING DREADED CONVERSATIONS, a book chock-full of expert advice, tips, strategies, exercises and sample scripts for any problematic situation.


Entrepreneur and author Donna Flagg reveals tips, dos & don’ts, strategies, exercises, and even easy-to-memorize scripts for those who are tongue-tied in her new book, Surviving Dreaded Conversations: Talk Through Any Difficult Situations at Work (McGraw Hill; May 2010; ISBN: 978-0-07-163025-2; $16.95; Original Trade Paperback). Chock-full of practical advice to help professionals get through those would-be awkward moments in the workplace, Surviving Dreaded Conversations reveals why there’s nothing wrong with shooting straight from the mouth, and how you’ll often be thanked for telling it like it is. In the day and age when competition is fierce and every company is looking for an edge, learning how to use communication as a tool can propel you into success, and keep the environment in the workplace an honest one.



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February 18, 2010