Conrad New York’s Official “Artist in Residence," Marie-Hélène of Gryphon Fine Arts, Launches New “Spring” Collection in Hotel’s Gallery

March 17, 2017

Conrad New York’s Official “Artist in Residence,"

of Gryphon Fine Arts, 
  Launches New “Spring” Collection in Hotel’s Gallery

 (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) mouth : digital + public relations is pleased to represent Belgian-born, Artist, Marie-Hélène of Gryphon Fine Arts, the official “Artist-in-Residence” for the Conrad New York hotel, as she launches her brand new collection, “Spring” in the hotel’s gallery which features rotating art exhibits by local and prominent artists. Marie-Hélène’s “Spirals” collection just completed an unprecedented 6-month exhibition with the luxury hotel. 

Marie-Hélène’s “Spring” collection is focused on beauty of nature and the spring season. "Life springs out of the cold winter stones and dead wood. The art represents a range from spring water bubbles, butterflies, ladybirds, shrubbery, rose flowers and of course some spirals, found in nature." says Marie-Hélène. 


The light and airy sculpture is produced by printing a photograph using certain types of dyes on a two-part paper (specifically a film on paper). Once the image is printed, the film with the image is separated from its supporting paper. It’s then is treated chemically and after a few minutes placed flat on hot water in a large tub. Then a 3D object is plunged onto the film into the water. After a minute the it becomes one with the 3D object. Marie-Hélène's Gryphon Fine Arts is pleased to present this new technique at the Conrad New York.



Artist Marie-Hélène of Gryphon Fine Arts has been exhibiting worldwide at galleries, public parks, and art fairs in the United States, Europe and Asia. Her work has become known for its keen sense of composition and movement, as well as for its nuanced sense of incorporating mythological themes. Marie-Hélène studied piano as a child, has a Master’s degree in Mathematics and had an earlier career as an investment analyst, which influence her precise compositions and fascination with systems. She is based out of her Brooklyn, NY studio.