Connect: How to Know if He's Really Your Man

by Dawn Burnett

Dawn Burnett is widely known for helping people struggling with health issues heal through the power of natural remedies and the mind. She came to the study of alternative medicine to save her two-year-old son from a gravely compromised immune system. In the process of healing her child, Dawn found answers to heal her own life—from the scars of abuse, a toxic marriage, and the pain of divorce—and protect herself from recurring bouts of bad relationships.                      


In CONNECT: How to Know if He’s Really Your Man (HCI; February 2017; $8.95 Paperback; ISBN: 978-07573-1971-8), Dawn Burnett has a heart-to-heart talk with every woman who wonders why she keeps meeting Mr. Wrong. With honesty and humor, she shares stories about her personal encounters with men—from the wonderful to the strange, from the comical to the scary (like the guy who chatted about the time he doused his stepfather in gasoline)—and what she learned about the world of dating along the way. Speaking from experience, Dawn urges each uniquely remarkable woman—regardless of her size, age, or past relationships—to stop fretting about being single and vow not to settle for any man who discounts her value or loves her less than she deserves.                                     


Featuring whimsical illustrations and rhymes, CONNECT wraps up practical dating advice in a fun and uplifting package. Women will laugh as they relate to Dawn’s adventures and draw strength from her empowering takes on:


  • Emotional baggage. Why every woman needs to heal her past before she can move forward with any man—and do some digging into what baggage a man is carrying before making that first dinner date!
  • Pitfalls of modern, efficient dating. When a man looks a lot more attractive in his web profile pics than he does in person, beware. Also, steer clear of speed dating. In Dawn’s book, dating is not an HR exercise in interviewing a pool of candidates to fill the “position,” anticipating high turnover.
  • Major dating clues and red flags. “First, when you can’t stop talking about your ex, you’re not healed,” Dawn stresses. “Second, when the guy tells you who they are, believe them—the first time.” For instance, a man whose first drink of the day is beer isn’t the life of the party; the dude is clearly an alcoholic.
  • True happiness. Many women still believe in the fairytale of happily ever after. Dawn knows the truth. “If you are looking for a man to complete you, or fill a void in you, you are searching for love in all the wrong places,” she states. “Nobody can make you happy; happiness is a state of mind and it comes from within.”          
  • Choosing love. When it comes to men, many women feel stuck on a merry-go-round of losers—and keep complaining about their bad luck or the lack of good men where they live. Dawn’s wake-up call: “It’s not what is happening around you. Something in you needs to change.” Getting off that carousel of heartache and pain is every woman’s choice.                    


Throughout, CONNECT liberates women to let go of judgment—from society’s frowning on single women to their own harsh self-criticism—and dare to let love happen. Without the pressure to catch a man or the emotional tug-of-war over trying to make a man conform to her vision of the perfect partner, every woman can find deep, lasting fulfillment. That is Dawn Burnett’s ultimate healing wisdom for all the women suffering from bad relationships—and for the men who just might someday sweep them off their feet.     

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