ChildProtect by DNA®

First Nationwide DNA Profile Test Kit for Protecting Children

DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), the largest provider of private DNA tests in the United States, announced today America’s first nationally distributed Child ID DNA test kit, ChildProtect by DNA®. This groundbreaking service provides parents with the ability to capture their child’s DNA profile, while offering law enforcement officials a valuable tool in expediting the search for a missing child.

The ChildProtect by DNA test kit retails for $99.00 and includes four swabs for DNA sampling, as well as a placeholder for the child’s fingerprints and places for storing dental and allergy records, contact information, and a recent photo of the child. For parents, giving the DNA test is easier than taking their child’s temperature. After following the simple instructions for swabbing their child’s cheek, they’ll send the swab samples to DDC for analysis. Within ten business days of receiving the samples, the company will produce a certificate with the child’s unique DNA information. Parents can either keep the DNA certificate with other records in a safe place at home or take advantage of the DDC’s offer to store the information electronically or physically.


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