Award-winning Educator and Author JEREMY S. ADAMS Reveals the Keys to Inspiring Students in Every Classroom and Community in THE SECRETS OF TIMELESS TEACHERS

March 11, 2016

From No Child Left Behind to Race to the Top, from debates over core curriculum, technology use, and charter schools to the PARCC and the new SAT, America’s teachers face constant pressure to adapt to changing educational mandates, methods, and priorities. Despite all the reforms, America’s students continue to struggle. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, one-fifth of high school grads entering four-year colleges and one-half of those entering community college need remedial education, at a yearly cost of $3 billion. What is the solution to our failing education system?                   


A high school teacher for nearly twenty years, a college lecturer for a decade, and a frequent writer on educational issues, Jeremy S. Adams believes the answer to improving education for all students lies in bringing out the best in every teacher. In his new book, The Secrets of Timeless Teachers: Instruction that Works in Every Generation (Rowman & Littlefield; May 2016; ISBN: 978-1-4758-1829-1: Hardback; 978-1-4758-1830-7: Paperback), Adams illuminates the universal hallmarks of exceptional teachers. Drawing on extensive research and interviews with diverse teachers, as well as his own classroom experience, Adams identifies six habits that define great teachers, consistently throughout history. “The behaviors that made someone a powerful teacher in ancient Greece are essentially the same behaviors that would make someone a powerful teacher in modern day America,” Adams contends. Jeremy Adams also discusses the nature of teaching greatness and argues that "timeless teachers" are essential for renewing "timeless American principles and values."                                        


Written to inspire teachers, both novice and veteran, of students across a wide spectrum of communities, cultures, races, income levels, and learning abilities, The Secrets of Timeless Teachers features real-life examples and practical lessons to help every dedicated teacher:


  • Teach in the front and the back of the classroom—and reach apathetic or disruptive students;
  • Become an expert in his or her subject—and spread that passion and enthusiasm to students;  
  • Be a continual innovator—and never become complacent; and much more, above all,
  • Excel at balancing the three E’s: Education, Entertainment, and Edification.   


JEREMY S. ADAMS has been a teacher at Bakersfield High School in California since 1998 and a lecturer of political science at California State University, Bakersfield, since 2006. The author of a critically-acclaimed memoir, Empty Selves: Reflections on a Decade of Teaching in an American High School (2012), he is a regular contributor and columnist for the national online journal The Educator’s Room and has contributed OpEds to The Washington Post, among other online and print outlets.


At a critical time for improving education in America, The Secrets of Timeless Teachers offers inspiration and practical guidance. I look forward to discussing interview and feature opportunities.   



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