Anita Van Dyke

A Zero Waste Life in Thirty Days makes it easy—even convenient, fun, and envy producing!—to become a conservationist. Inside, Vandyke elegantly and encouragingly invites readers to follow a simple, manageable plan that will incorporate sustainable techniques into their lives one day at a time over a 30-day period, and leave them with a more intentional, fulfilling, and Earth-friendly lifestyle.

Jonathan Bailor

Your body fights to keep you within a range of about 15 pounds--also known as your "setpoint weight." New research reveals that you can lower your setpoint and end that battle for good by focusing on the quality of calories you eat, not the quantity. With The Setpoint Diet, you will reprogram your body with a 21-day plan to rev up your metabolism, eliminate inflammation, heal your hormones, repair your gut, and get your body working like that of a naturally thin person--permanently.

Angus Kennedy

The world’s leading chocolate taster shares his wild ride to attain the most envied job, and explains his warning heard around the world: that we might soon run out of chocolate.


Tea-spiration aims to create a quiet movement. Tea drinkers enjoy slowing down and enjoying all the moments with the beverage because it is simply more than just that. In her debut book, Lu Ann Pannunzio, founder of The Cup of Life, uplifts and inspires readers in a way that does more than just telling them a story about tea and its history. Similar to life, tea is about the little things.

A Plant-Based Life

More people than ever are eating whole food, plant-based diet works to achieve weight loss, without counting calories, and gains in energy. Still, despite all the powerful reasons to switch to plant-based eating, eager converts often struggle with concerns about nutrition, preparation, and cost; lack of support from loved ones; and qualms about sacrificing the joy of eating for a  restricted diet.  

Eat Your Heart Out: The Feel Good, Look Good, Silver Lining Cookbook

In his publishing debut, EAT YOUR HEART OUT: The Feel Good, Look Good, Silver Lining Cookbook (Countryman Press, a division of W.W. Norton & Company; February 14, 2016; ISBN: 978-1-58157-329-9; $25.95; Hardcover), Dean Sheremet shares how he pulled himself out of his post-divorce funk and pieced his life together—recipe by recipe, meal by meal.

Milk Life

Mouth had the opportunity to pitch the Milk Life campaign to magazine desksides along with nationally recognized dietitian and Cordon-Bleu certified chef, Michelle Dudash.The  mission behind the launch of the “Milk Life” campaign is to show how starting your morning with milk can help power the potential of every day.  The campaign spotlights everyday moments of accomplishment, achievement and enjoyment.


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