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John Spencer Ellis

In May 2009, wellness and personal development expert, Dr. John Spencer Ellis, released a book and a feature-length documentary of the same name, The Compass. Says John Spencer Ellis, “The Compass is about discovering what moves you, what inspires you and what mark you will make on the world.

Jeremy D’Entremont

Following the stunning guide to New England lighthouses comes another beautiful and expertly researched book dedicated to these classic structures. The Lighthouse Handbook: Hudson River (The Original Lighthouse Field Guide) written by Jeremy D’Entremont, features seven lighthouses that shine their bright beams across the Hudson, from the famous Little Red Lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge up to the Hudson City Lighthouse in the northern part of the state. Many of them are famous, none more so than the awe-inspiring Statue of Liberty herself.


In April 2009 Whitelines®, the award-winning revolutionary stationery from Sweden, became available for the first time in the United States. Creator Olof Hansson, who received Sweden’s 2008 Innovator of the Year Award, created this new generation of paper, which features white ruled lines instead of the standard black or blue.


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