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Trans New York

A visually stunning, landmark photography book of transgender New Yorkers, complete with thought-provoking and revealing interviews that honor the transgender community and the courage it takes to find oneself and defy societal norms.

Kendall Klym

“Dance is something we all do, whether we know it or not,” says Klym. “Climbers, when they rappel into
the Grand Canyon, use the same techniques dancers use to land gracefully from a jump. Lovers perform
a dance when their bodies merge. Words dance. Language is the choreography that joins reader to writer
in a dance that obscures the distinction between human and text, the dancer and the dance…You, the
reader, have your own life, your memories and imagination, which become intertwined with my life, my
memories and imagination, through the fiction I write.”

Young Leonardo

YOUNG LEONARDO is the new book by art experts Jean-Pierre Isbouts and Christopher Brown about the biggest da Vinci discovery in years: the revelation that a copy of the Last Supper in a remote convent in Belgium was actually painted by Leonardo and his associates for the French King, Louis XII.



Spanish is a unique language. From Argentina to Spain, accents, meanings, connotations and more get lost between borders. Cubanisms by Pedro García-Menocal details the diverse history of the Spanish language as it evolved in the Lost City. With beautifully traditional illustrations from noted Cuban artist Gustavo “Garrincha” Rodriguez, Cubanisms embraces the hilarious and historic value of words and their interpretations. This funny and informative collection will keep you laughing and learning all the way from Havana to Santiago.

Gryphon Fabricators

Artist Marie-Hélène studied Mathematics, thus her precise compositions and fascination with systems. While the spirals are often measured out, there is an organic quality in the way Marie-Hélène creates her art. Different tinctures of patina are applied directly to the copper sheets, which then chemically react and change into earthy primary colors. On top of these, Marie-Hélène adds paint, pieces of metal, and finally a thick layer of glossy resin, sealing each piece and giving them the appearance of having been preserved for ages.

Ammonite Press

In collaboration with a number of prestigious photographic archives, including the Press Association and Mirrorpix, Ammonite Press brings important collections of pictures to life in an unprecedented way. Ammonite publishes stylish gift and coffee-table books that give a fascinating, nostalgic and sometimes humorous insight into social history, trends in fashion, music, sport and politics.

26th Dusty Film & Animation Festival

Since 1990, the School of Visual Arts’ Dusty Film & Animation Festival has become one of the world’s foremost events to discover exceptional new talent in film and animation. The Dusty Film & Animation Festival gives BFA Film and BFA Animation thesis students the unique opportunity to exhibit their work to industry professionals, family and friends.

Debra Tate

Sharon Tate: Recollection (Running Press; June 2014; $30.00 Hardcover; ISBN: 978-07624-5235-7; also available as an eBook), written by her sister, Debra Tate, showcases Sharon’s legendary beauty, talent, and cultural impact for a new generation of admirers.


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