August 2016

Steps for Transitioning to a Whole Foods Vegan Diet and Enjoying Healthy, Delicious Meals—without Feeling any Deprivation A PLANT-BASED LIFE Your Complete Guide to Great Food, Radiant Health, Boundless Energy, and a Better Body

More people than ever are eating whole food, plant-based diet works to achieve weight loss, without counting calories, and gains in energy. Still, despite all the powerful reasons to switch to plant-based eating, eager converts often struggle with concerns about nutrition, preparation, and cost; lack of support from loved ones; and qualms about sacrificing the joy of eating for a  restricted diet.

Just in Time for Fall Marathon Season This September, Lace Up with Adidas Brand Ambassador, Robin Arzon in her New Book, SHUT UP AND RUN How to Get Up, Lace Up, and Sweat with Swagger

With marathons and other running events coming up this fall around the country, including NYC and Chicago, the new book, SHUT UP AND RUN (Harper Design; Hardcover; June 2016; $24.99/$31.00 CAN; 192 pages; ISBN: 978-0-06-244568-1), written by corporate lawyer turned certified running coach and ultra-marathoner Robin Arzon, is here to help you prep for your dream race, however long it may be.