March 2016

Expert Career Blogger & Founder of EngineeredTruth.Com, Matt Tran, Offers Realistic Career Advice For New College Grads, In Debut Book New Grad Job Hacks: The Complete Guide to Getting a Job After You Finish College

Expert career YouTube blogger and founder of, Matt Tran has helped thousands of new grads figure out their best paths to fulfilling careers. In his debut book, New Grad Job Hacks: The Complete Guide To Getting A Job After You Finish College (Mango Media; April 2016; $14.95; Paperback ISBN: 978-1633530935), Matt teaches the reader how to stand out in the competitive job market of the 21st century and takes them step-by-step through how to make the most of their degree.

Renowned Author and Illustrator Alain Grée Teaches Children All About the Seasons In the Brand New Book From His Latest Children’s Series

Alain Grée’s beautiful illustrations from the 1960s and 70s are known throughout the world.  With their naivety of form and bold use of color, their charm is undeniable. In his brand new children’s book, Seasons (Button Books; Distributed by Publishers Group West; May 2016; Hardcover; $16.99 /ISBN: 9781908985460), Alain takes an exciting look at the world around us as it changes throughout the year.

Award-winning Educator and Author JEREMY S. ADAMS Reveals the Keys to Inspiring Students in Every Classroom and Community in THE SECRETS OF TIMELESS TEACHERS

From No Child Left Behind to Race to the Top, from debates over core curriculum, technology use, and charter schools to the PARCC and the new SAT, America’s teachers face constant pressure to adapt to changing educational mandates, methods, and priorities. Despite all the reforms, America’s students continue to struggle.

Plug into Your Power to Create a Global Connection-Revolution By Discovering a Cross-Cultural Language Beyond Words in THE CHARISMA CODE

A cultural anthropologist and social-change agent, Robin Sol Lieberman was only sixteen when she left her California home with a mission to travel the world, experience a diversity of cultures, and develop global relationships. Without being able to speak the local language she started in Kenya, and her worldwide journey took her to Nepal, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali, and Nicaragua, among other places.