About Us

Who is mouth : digital + public relations?

Boasting more than 700 clients since its inception in 2006, mouth : digital + public relations, founded by veteran publicist Justin Loeber, celebrates its 14th anniversary in 2020. The agency is proud to represent personalities, companies and organizations across the spectrum--from celebrity, entertainment, consumer, book (fiction and non-fiction), health/wellness, food, business, new media, beauty/lifestyle and fashion categories to more than 27 New York Times best-selling authors. mouth : digital + public relations has grown from a company of 1 (working out of a bedroom) to 5 (working virtually from New York and other states!).  The bottom line is we get the job done by using a modern business model that directly helps us keep our rates competitive.  Mouth has celebrated a growth pattern of 200 to 270 percent each year since its inception. The services provided are a mix between traditional and digital PR, which include pitching and booking national and local, TV, radio/podcast, print, online and blogger media, as well as writing, pushing and promoting content across all social media channels on the web.  

"Content is king," and mouth : digital + public relations understands traditional and social media (which Mouth thinks is about 1000 new outlets on the remote control of media opportunities).  We know how to pitch, position and reformat content so that it resonates with the respective audience.  We understand how to talk with a television producer, print editor, and how to chat with a blogger.  We brand our clients, plan speaking engagements and radio tours, create social Internet marketing plans (which includes posting and boosting through backend hashtags, as well as create content communities for the sole purposes of increasing followers, page views, and likes), design websites, write press materials, pitch B2B PR, media prep all our clients prior to their appearances, and handle crisis management.  Mouth LOVES putting on a party—including red carpet events, product launches and weddings!

Some of the agency’s list of clients (both past and present) include:  Travel Channel and Food Network's Andrew Zimmern, The Inner Circle Show (the New York Press Corps' charity organization that roasts the NYC mayor every year), “Operation Respect,” a 501(c) 3 organization headed by music icon and activist Peter Yarrow; Ramy Cosmetics, created by celebrity makeup artist and critically-acclaimed “Eyebrow King” Ramy Gafni; internationally-renowned sculptor and artist Mimi Sammis, international sculptor, Gryphon Fabricators; high-profile attorney and legal analyst Lisa Bloom, NYC celebrity divorce attorney, Raoul Felder; and widely-recognized names such as “Cousin Brucie” Morrow, Carly Simon, Kenny Loggins and Blue Sky Riders, Neil Sedaka, Sally Kellerman, Snooki, Peter, Paul and Mary, Judy Collins, the late “Young and the Restless” star Jeanne Cooper, and New York Times Best-Selling author Robin Arzon, who is one of the "faces" of Peloton, Brand Ambassador of Adidas and Social Influencer for theKnot.com.  Mouth is proud to represent the world's leading chocolate taster, Angus Kennedy.  

For three years, Mouth was proud to be the PR Agency of Record for The Elf on the Shelf brand (the Elf on the Shelf book was a #1 Wall Street Journal and #2 USA Today best-seller), their animated television feature based on their book, entitled “An Elf’s Story,” (which aired on CBS and was #1 for children’s viewers in their timeslot), as well as their Elf on the Shelf balloon which debuted in the 2012 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Other notable clients include International and New York Times Best-Seller Rick Yancey (The 5th Wave), Preview Events, Mitch Albom’s 10th Anniversary New York Times best-selling edition of Tuesdays with Morrie; Danny Seo, the country’s first eco-lifestyle expert who Mouth helped to sign as contributor to the “CBS Early Show;” Halo Purely for Pets, America’s premier Holistic Pet Care company; the website, www.AboveTopSecret.com, the world’s largest social network for lovers of aliens, UFOs, and conspiracy theorists; and Staples co-founder, Maureen Sullivan Stemberg.  The Agency also help to create and brand the first annual Untold News Awards, dedicated to spreading good news about the State of Israel. Mouth also represents party games: Drunk Stoned or Stupid, Who's Most Likely To?, The Voting Game, and Hot Seat!  Additionally, we are proud to help brand Robin Sol Lieberman's TrueCharisma brand--featured at the United Nations, Frieda Birnbaum, America's oldest woman to have twins (at 60!) and TLC-TV's Psychic Matchmaker, Deborah Graham, who, because of Mouth's efforts is the star of her weekly nationally-recognized radio show, "The Psychic Connection with Deborah Graham" on the SiriusXM "Stars" channel 109. In addition, Mouth is responsible for conceptualizing and co-producing "Deborah Graham's Psychic Connection Cruise" on Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, which will launch in Spring 2020.

Mouth has also been the PR Agency of Record for Globe Pequot, Running Press, GMC Publications, LTD. (including Button Books, GMC and Ammonite Press), Mango Media, and is now representing Apollo Publishers out of NYC.    

mouth : digital + public relations is also proud to have launched (and still represent) New York Times best-selling author, filmmaker, Internet star, inspiring cancer survivor and wellness expert Kris Carr, whose recent cookbook, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, debuted at #4 on the New York Times Best-Seller list (Advice/How-To) and whose previous tome, Crazy Sexy Diet, debuted at #6. Because of the Agency’s outreach, Kris signed deals with Prevention and Natural Health magazine, as Contributing Editor. Client Peter Abaci, M.D., author of Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain (in English and Spanish), has also earned honorable stripes through Mouth's efforts and signed on as WebMD’s Pain and Management Expert; and with Mouth's direction has recently created, branded and launched www.PainReliefRevolution.com, dedicated to the 116 million people who suffer from chronic pain. Mouth's outreach helped Ronald Kotler, M.D., author of 365 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep, sign on as the Sleep Specialist for AOL Health’s Medical Advisory Board. Mouth is also proud to be the personal branding publicists for nationally-recognized SANESolution, its founder Jonathan Bailor; and a movie created by Bailor called, "Better," which launches in 2020.  

The agency proudly represented the retail photobook website, www.MILKbooks.com; Andrew Zuckerman: MUSIC App, high-profile photographer Phil Toledano's Days with My Father; The Lifeboard, a goal-setting box system for managing dreams and aspirations; Whitelines, an award-winning revolutionary stationery company from Sweden; City Lights Youth Theatre, a non-profit organization dedicated to garnering self-esteem for youth through theatre and performance; investigative journalist Diane Dimond, and Michaele and Tareq Salahi, the high-profile couple first known as the “White House Gate Crashers” and later for Bravo’s "The Real Housewives of DC," for the announcement that Michaele suffers from Multiple Sclerosis; former US Attorney Kendall Coffey, author of Spinning the Law; Republican powerhouse Ken Blackwell, for his book, The Blueprint; HLN TV’s Jane Velez-Mitchell’s New York Times best-selling book, iWant; Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s New York Times best-selling book, Getting It Through My Thick Skull; the respective books written by ESPN commentators Digger Phelps, Linda Cohn, and Kenny Mayne; former NY Yankee Jim Leyritz's Catching Heat; the School of Visual Arts’ 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th Annual Dusty Film & Animation Festival and Awards; and Deep Cover Nail System, the world’s first high-fashioned nail lacquer that prevents, treats and heals unsightly finger and toe nail fungus, invented by Dr. Alphonse Tribuiani, DPM, FACFAS, and his colleague, Dr. Husni A. Charara, DPM, FACFAS.  Mouth is also the PR Agency of Record for the Pichuberry, an Ancient Incan superfood making its debut in America in 2013 with the help of nationally-recognized author, spokesperson and registered dietician, Manuel Villacorta.  We are also the publicists for "Nashville 2 New York," showcasing award-winning songwriters to the stars--including Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr--hearing the Grammy award-winning music sung by the artists who wrote them.

As consultants, Mouth was instrumental in garnering book deals for music industry insider Tom Sturges (Parking Lot Rules, published by Ballantine Books), Dr. Julissa Hernandez (A Naturopathic Approach to Fertility published by Mango Media), Lisa Ramos (...Pizza & Chill? published by Mango Media), parents Brooke and Keith Desserich (New York Times best-selling book, Notes Left Behind, published by William Morrow), Martha Carroll (Les Halles) and Bobby Hold (Lose Weight, Find Yourself). Mouth also pitched, conceptualized and spearheaded the children's book deal for pop icon Kenny Loggins (Footloose published by Quarto).

Mouth has also worked with clients and the brands whom they were aligned with, such as New Chapter, Symbiotics, Kind, NatureMade, Sunkist, milk life, Uber, Univision, and The Conrad Hotel in New York, to name a few.